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Cursor jumps to bottom of document when pressing enter key

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In the last couple of days, the cursor has been jumping to the bottom of my document when I press the enter key.

This makes it very difficult to keep order in my things, and kind of beats the purpose of the smart note program. Otherwise, I'm an avid fan of Evernote!

I've tried attaching a video I took on my phone. As you can see, it doesn't happen in all places. Not really sure what makes the difference to be honest. It seems to be neither Japanese text, nor hyperlinks, as it occurs next to English text, as well. 


Thank you in advance!


Best Regards


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Thank for your fast response!


I'm using the very latest version now. I installed it today, before I started this thread, to check. The problem also persists through logout. I have two computers with the issue occurring on both devices.

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Hmmn.  I'm not getting the same issue on my Windows 10 setup.  I'd suggest uninstalling / restarting / reinstalling to see if that fixes the issue.  If that fails,  try posting an update here -

- with a link back to this thread for background.  Maybe something changed in the recent releases.

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