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OAuth 2.0



We're using filestack in our webapp and we'd love to provide integration with evernote.

Unfortunately, seems like filestack can't implement this integration anymore because it needs a feature that's only present in OAuth 2.0. Here is filestack's statement: https://github.com/filestack/filestack-js/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#oauth-changes


The OAuth flow for our cloud service has been updated to remove the need for cross-origin cookies. Unfortunately this is only possible by leveraging a feature of the OAuth 2 specification, which some cloud sources do not yet support. Because of this the following cloud sources are currently unsupported in the new picker:

  • Flickr
  • Evernote

Due to how these services implement OAuth we cannot reliably track end-user sessions in our system. These providers will still operate in previous versions, and we will continue to search for a solution moving forward.

Are there any plans to support OAuth 2.0?

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