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Sometimes Web Clipper doesn't work in GMail (Chrome)

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Like the title says - sometimes when I try to use the Web Clipper to capture a message in GMail in Chrome, it just doesn't start up. No message, no error, nothing. It doesn't matter whether I'm using the keyboard shortcut or clicking the icon in the Chrome toolbar.

When I go to the Extension and click "background page" in "Inspect views", it opens the Chrome debugger (nice!). Hitting the shortcut key gives me this:


------ Button clicked -------
commons.js:46 Reloading account in slot 0
commons.js:46 Got user name: my user name and (presumably) user id
commons.js:46 userid: Sync started
commons.js:46 userid: Sync from USN: a numeric id
commons.js:46 userid: Purging 0 notes.
commons.js:46 userid: Sync completed USN: the same numeric id
commons.js:46 userid: Sync finished

I've seen this for a while, so I don't think it's version specific, but just in case:

  • Chrome Version: Version 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Web Clipper Version: Version:

Anyone else having this problem?

(I've just submitted this to EN Help as well as posting here, so I'll let y'all know what I hear)

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