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(Archived) Drag and Drop from Mail?




I am new to Evernote. I thought there would be a way to drag and drop photos and PDF from Apple Mail to a note in Evernote. When I try this the photos shows a green PLUS sign like its going to add it to Evernote, but when I drop it nothing happens. Same with PDFs. I can get it to work if I save the files to the desktop and then drag them in. Seems like a slow way to do something. Can I get it to work directly from Mail?


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I did a few tests, and it appears that it works if you drop onto a Notebook (on the left), or if you drop onto our dock icon, but not if you drop into the body of a note.

I'll file a bug, thanks.

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Hi Dave:

Thanks for your reply! Yes that does work, although it would be nice to be able to drop several images into one note directly. I'm a photographer and I'm trying to drop a bunch of snap shot images from my clients many emails into one note for reference on the shoot.

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