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Escape leaving fullscreen mode

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I've stumbled upon many threads while searching, none of them in the evernote forums (anymore?).

To phrase my issue bluntly: evernote leaves fullscreen-mode by pressing 'escape'.

I regularly use the 'escape' key in many different applications and also like to 'dual-app' evernote with other writing applications in fullscreen mode.
the general principle for pressing escape (barring itunes and a few others that also exhibit that behaviour as part of apple's standards) is to move into the previous state of navigation (eg. the note-list from the note-editor).

Since many other applications (and spotlight search for that matter) employ heavy use of the escape-key, I'd very much appreciate the removal of the exit-fullscreen mapping of it. We have the default ctrl-cmd-f command to toggle fullscreen mode already, so this is simply apple-baggage disturbing the workflow significantly if you're using fullscreen mode as I do.


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Hi.  In Windows,  using the Esc key to quit full screen is at least an unofficial standard.  If this is an issue for Mac,  maybe it could be a user option.  Either way it's a feature request - I'd suggest an Desktop OS independent one.  If others vote for this you'd get some traction in the Developers suggestion queue... would you like me to move this to the general request forum?

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@Daniel K, When you get into fullscreen mode ( away from here ) :



Then, when in full-screen, then go to the top and there will be a "done":



Or, did you want to be able to press Esc. instead of going to the top to press buttons?


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@MatS14 I was of the opinion that posting this in the Evernote-for-mac-board, mentioned issues will pertain to the desktop version only.
I am, however, basing my thinking that the screenshots of yours are of the web version on my client looking significantly different.

I also don't understand what you are trying to tell me.

So, to be clear - having tested retrospectively whether the 'escape' key leaves fullscreen mode in any permutation of selections of panes and/or elements: yes it does - this only happens in the macos version of the desktop client. It needs to be stated, that using 'escape' to leave fullscreen-mode is a standard darwin behaviour, that can be disabled by application developers.

I have tried application specific key-redirection using karabiner, but the escape will still registers. Thus, I'm left trying to relearn my decades old vi pattern of pressing escape before navigating in the editor.

just fyi: for quick note-taking I mostly use geeknote from the terminal, browser clips or the quicknote-feature - which I love. But when sorting, and working with notes on long-form writing, I have scrivener together with evernote on one space. I also have vim and hyper bindings active, which will leave me in a tiny minority. I still feel that, generally, the use of escape to leave fullscreen mode - especially in a textual environment - is an anti-pattern. Furthermore, I'm of the opinion that the app generallyl emphasizes keyboard-only navigation too little, hence the confusion in tabbing hierarchies; however, that is a different matter entirely.

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@gazumped on windows, the fullscreen mode is - in my opinion - for more cumbersome than the keyboard oriented aero-snap feature. Also, a fullscreen application in windows cannot share the display as a macos fullscreen application can. So I would argue the windows aero-snap-feature and the macos fullscreen-split-feature are more use-case congruent.

The issue arises in them handling the windowing differently. The macos split puts both windows necessarily into fullscreen-mode, thus raising the issue of that mode being escaped when pressing, well, 'escape'. The most annoying bit is to constantly having to rearrange your split-view-spaces because you pressed escape, trying to get into the note-list or navigating in the editor (this comes mostly from muscle-memory developed by working with vi). Noteworthily, other text-editors, and indeed many other applications in general, have recognized this as an issue long ago, so evernote is the only application I use (very) frequently that still struggles with split-view-friendliness.


Having thought about it a bit more (and tested other applications for it): other applications merely ignore the 'escape' when in split-view-mode! So I should specify this in the title, presumably.

The only moderation-action I can take is deletion. If you deem the moving of this discussion as fruitful, I kindly ask you to!

(or maybe I just delete it and restart at the correct place?)

Edit 2: the more I think about it, the more I feel that this should be placed as a bug, since the surfacing expectation of meta-usage of similar applications and their patterns suggests uncommon or even perceived faulty behaviour in specifically split-fullscreen-mode. Escaping, let's say, a search from the find-in-note-search with 'escape' and escaping from editing to the next "higher" interactive element are not far from another; yet one triggers leaving split-view, the other doesn't.

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@Daniel K, I am sorry about that, what I was trying to say was that instead of pressing the escape key, then you could press done to get out of full screen. But, just to be clear,  you were wanting to have it displayed that the Esc. key is used for escaping out of fullscreen when you are in the Evernote app on Mac? I think I kind of understand a little more. Thank you for making it a little more clear. I also apologize because the screenshots were probably not very helpful because it was an older version of Evernote, it was like that because the computer that I am on is way to old to upgrade to the new version of Evernote ( OS X Yosemite version 10.10.5, made in mid 2012 ), and I did not think about that, sorry about that, I think I should have thought that through before I just posted the screenshots.


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7 hours ago, Daniel K said:

The only moderation-action I can take is deletion. If you deem the moving of this discussion as fruitful, I kindly ask you to!

(or maybe I just delete it and restart at the correct place?)

Edit 2: the more I think about it, the more I feel that this should be placed as a bug,

Thanks for the further detail - I understand where you're coming from. It may be that this is just one of those issues that no-one thought about when coding the editor,  which now needs more work to detect applicable situations and react appropriately.

On the points I quoted,  I'd say the better course of action would be for you to report this as a bug if you feel it should be considered that way.  As a subscriber you're entitled to email support,  and their reaction will govern whether you need to post this as a feature request.


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