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Shared Note Evernote Action Bar Widget Android

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On Android create a widget from the Evernote action bar and then select notebook and notebooks shared with you will not show up in the list even though it is in your list of notebooks in the program. I have confirmed with support on multiple times and apparently this is a feature without explanation but I consider it a bug. I share notebooks with my wife I want to post notes to with a single click but for some reason Evernote thinks this is a bad idea or the ever increasing annual fees are still not enough to fig bugs. I have brought this up many times. There are other issues with notes shared with you with full permissions where you can't do things on Android that you can do with your own notes.

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Hi.  I agree Evernote's widget doesn't have the option of showing 'shared with me' notes - I'd guess that was a syncing issue.  Devices on one account sync with the server version of that account,  which - presumably - syncs shared notes with one or more 'client' accounts,  which sync to their own devices...

On that point I'd say Evernote is not the app you're looking for.  There are many other apps that allow shared lists and notes,  some with content visible on a mobile home page.  This would be a new feature for Evernote and you're the first (to my knowledge) to suggest it.  I can move this thread to a votable feature request forum if you'd like to raise it formally.

On your other issues,  you might like to post more details to get possible work-arounds,  or more feature requests if you would like Evernote to accommodate you.  The more votes your suggestions get,  the higher on the Developers suggestion list you get.  In general for shared notes though,  other apps do have better support for 'live' collaborations.  With Evernote,  what you see is what you get.  Bear in mind the multiple syncs that are required to see and comment on changes at either end.

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