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Yesterday Evernote stopped syncing from my PC. It works fine from Evernote Web and my phone, but not from the PC program. I have restarted my computer, signed out and back in, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, emptied the Trash notebook, and done everything else that Evernote's website suggests to troubleshoot it. No luck. I get the red ! underneath the sync icon.

This happened immediately after I left the United States (I'm currently in Ecuador); I don't know that's the issue but that's what I suspect. What can I do?

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Hi.  Don't see that a change of country would make a difference,  but are you operating via someone else's network or firewall?  It could be your local provider doesn't allow the connections that Evernote needs to sync.  The alternative would be to use the web version until you're back in a different environment.

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