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hello everyone, 

i'm happy user since long time of evernote and gcal. I use cronofy to connect both applications and it works really well.  (As you know Cronofy create event on gcal based on the reminders you set on your notes. When you click on the links on your caledar it appear the relative note) 

The problem is that until now the link opened the desktop evernote app and now redirect to evernote web. 

How can i set to open desktop app and not web version? 

I already tried to disconnect the service and create again token. 

Can someone help me? 

Thank you really much! 

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Hi.  I'm also having issues with links that used to open in the app,  now asking me to log into the browser version first - although the app then also shows the correct note.  Don't know what,  or who may have changed,  but this could be a Cronofy or an Evernote issue.  Someone,  somewhere seems to have changed something significant. 

As you are a subscriber I'd suggest you raise a support ticket with Evernote,  mentioning that you're also contacting Cronofy.  As soon as you have received a response with a ticket reference (takes about 30 seconds) raise a ticket with Cronofy too,  quoting your Evernote reference.  If it is something which the companies can sort out,  or either one can explain,  you'll get some direct feedback. 

If so,  please come back and tell us!

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