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Evernote Mac AppleScript Issues as of Ver 7.10



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Are You Having AppleScript Issues with Recent Versions of Evernote Mac?

If you are having any issues with AppleScripts that used to work, but have stopped working as of Ver 7+, please post your script and a detailed description of the issue(s) here.

It is best to post scripts using either the code block tool, or in an attached zip file.  Please make sure you do not have any personal or sensitive information in your script before posting.


As some of you know, I am an avid user and avid fan of AppleScript.  I have many AppleScripts that use Evernote that are essential to my daily workflows.  As a result I am still holding on Evernote 6.11.1 (455059) on macOS 10.12.6.  I can't upgrade to any later version until I know that my essential AppleScripts will work.

So I propose that we all work together to provide the Evernote Dev team a single thread to identify, and hopefully, fix AppleScript issues.

I hope Evernote will put some resources on this as part of their rework of the Evernote foundation, because AppleScript is a very powerful tool to extend and customize Evernote (and all apps) by each user.  Evernote Mac already has a good foundation, it is just fallen in disrepair in recent years as Evernote made changes to the app, but failed to make the corresponding changes to the scripting model.

IAC, I am glad to work with the Evernote community to share and develop workarounds to any AppleScript issues we identify until Evernote has a chance to publish the fix.

I have a backup/test Mac that I am going to upgrade to Ver 7.10+ to test my existing AppleScripts, as well as test scripts posted by others.

Although I have not published any AppleScripts recently, I do have a number of scripts posted in GitHub Gists:

AppleScripts Published by JMichaelTX (GitHubGists)

Thanks for your support to get AppleScript issues resolved.

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My aim is to migrate all my notes & attachments, including the existing folders & stacks structure, from Evernote 7 for Mac to Keep It 1.8 from Reinvented Software. My original motive was the more flexible folder structures and organisation tools (bundles), and the gimped "upgrade", Evernote 10, has convinced me that I need a migration plan.

Keep It allows for import of .enex files. I have found this to preserve all data, including note formatting, tags, image/pdf attachments, ect.

Evernote allows for manual export of each folder, which is tedious for 57 folders. Therefore, I have hacked together various pieces of applescript code found on this forum and elsewhere in order to batch export all folders from Evernote. Then I can manually import the enex files into new parent "stack" folders in Keep It. 

However the script fails after exporting 17 out of 57 folders with an error message

> error "Evernote received an error: Export failed for unknown reasons" number 15 

The script:

    tell application "Evernote"
        set myFolder to "/Users/tre/Desktop/Notebackup/"
        delay2 -- 
        repeat with eachNotebook in every notebook of application "Evernote"
            set notebookName to name of eachNotebook
            set theNotes to every note in eachNotebook
            set myFile to (myFolder & notebookName & ".enex")
            export theNotes to myFile
        end repeat
    end tell
    display dialog "Success! All notebooks exported to myFolder"

Is this an evernote limitation or bug or is there something wrong with the script? I would appreciate any feedback.

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I tried debugging with the Script debugger app. The script failed because the "Incoming" folder was empty. I don't know how to tackle this in applescript, but I appreciate the help! Also, I found an illegal character (é) in a notebook name.

Thanks a lot!


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I could, but that is a tedious task with many stacks and notebooks, hence the wish for automation.

If may be unclear from my previous post, but fixing illegal characters and just putting a note in the Incoming folder fixed my problem — the script works as a charm 😁!

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