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Make 'override screen lock' an option

Allow the screen to lock?  

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  1. 1. Should Evernote over-ride my phone's screen lock / power saving features?

    • Yes, no matter what. I hate screen lock!
    • Yes, but this should be an Evernote app setting that I can de-activate.
    • Yes, but only when I'm viewing the note in full screen mode...and this should be an Evernote app setting I can de-activate.
    • No, Evernote should let the phone OS handle this.
    • No, never. I love unlocking my screen!


Support (Ticket# 2830826) informs me that it is a feature that Evernote for Android will keep my display screen lit and unlocked anytime a note is open. In fact it seems to do this even if I am looking at the All Notes list, or any note list!

My request is to make this feature a configurable setting. I for one would much rather not inadvertently drain my battery, even if it means the screen locks up sometimes when I'm reading a long document, lost in though, distracted, etc. This is important for security, too! But people other than me may disagree...which is why it should be a *setting*, not an always-active feature.

Also, phone OS's are getting quite smart about screen lock, they often are able to tell based on the app (or the usage pattern) that some apps -- readers, video players, games, others -- shouldn't lock, while most should.

In fact, I'll bet if Evernote implemented a full screen option, the OS would respect that and not lock the screen while in full screen mode.

How about it?

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Not sure how I feel about this.  If the default is for the screen to remain 'on' in Evernote,  I can see situations where I'd want to turn it off.  If it defaulted to 'off' it would annoy me into setting a longer period before the lock screen came on, but I don't know that anyone would ever think to look for an option to keep it on via Evernote. 

And if the default was 'on' and I optioned it to 'off' you can bet that I would be in the middle of a messy engine rebuild with vital instructions on the screen,  having forgotten that the screen would turn itself off,  when it would do just that.  Cue technical language,  much hand (or screen) washing, and a bad mood for the next hour...

I guess adding the option can't hurt - but (IMHO) this is a "nice to have" and well down the food chain from bugs and efficiency tweaks!


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