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View Only Shared Notes - Option to leave comments ?

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I want to know if there is a way where I can show a note to may client the notes contains information of the project for a logo. I want to be able to share the note with them in view only but the customer not be able to edit it. But most importantly I want them to be able to send me a comment for what change they would like on the logo ? can this be done in view only shared note ? or 

I can give them the permissions to edit it but the problem is they can edit allot on the note and I do not want that. Or can i set limited on what they can and can not edit on the note please.

 Please advise.

Thanks Qumar

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Hi.  There are a lot of options,  but the most likely with Evernote would be to send the logo as a PDF file attached to a note.  (To be fair you could also do that by email!)  If the image is embedded in a PDF document,  your client won't be able to change the actual image,  but Evernote's 'annotation' feature,  or a PDF editor's "comments" feature will allow someone to add additional text to the document which you can then deal with later.

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