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Search ignoring accent



In french it's customary to search an "e" and return any accented version of "e" like é, è, ê, Ë. I believe the search can't do that. Anything close to this feature? Did I miss it?

Two main reasons driving me:

1) sometimes you don't have the keyboard you want when writing or searching notes (english keyboard at work or accessing your account from a public computer)

2) approximate search habit in french makes you skip the accent like done in Google, GMail, etc. 

Also note that I have notes in both french and english so ignoring accent helps looking in both languages when some words are commons. 


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I need this functionality too. 
I need to be able to search in documents written in Romanian and apă should be equal to apa. Some people use diacritic signs some people do not and some people just make mistakes when typing.

Thank you


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