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To-Do Column with Associated Text



I'm in Sales. I have a folder for every customer and notes for every sales call. When I make sales calls, I usually take Action Items (To-Do's).

I would like the ability to search for all of my unchecked To-Do's "AND" see them in a view, similar to what you see in a typical Notes View, but with some corresponding text that's tied to my unchecked "To Do". The view would show me all of the usual fields (like Created, Title, Notebook, etc.) but with an additional column called "Unchecked To Do's" and then the corresponding text (could truncate after 35-50 characters). As an example: 

[] (unchecked box) Send Samples and Quote to Sam @ XYZ. 

The view could be printed out if necessary so you can see everything "on your plate" and keep your customers happy. I think this could be huge!

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