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French language punctuation requirements

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For French script: the biggest issue with Evernote seems to be the lacking function consisting of automatically adding the attached space required for publishing in French before ! ? ; and : , but not an ordinary space. Does Evernote provide this? (The search/replace in Word (Windows 10) isn't able to automate these replacements).

Can anyone in the User forum solve this on Evernote? Or show how to already do this on Evernote?


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Hi.  Have you tried the various text expander apps like Phrase Express?  There's an inbuilt spelling checker that will automatically replace mistyped characters like "teh" instead of "the" - it might be applicable here.  I have an obvious dumb question though - why not just type the space?  One of my notes had no problem with displaying ci-après : le Contrat 

If the extra keypress is the issue,  I again think Phrase Express can replace a short version of a word with a longer one so each time you type 'après' it would automatically add the extra space.

I have not tested either of these suggestions.

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Thanks for your answer. I guess I wasn't clear enough. If I type a simple space before the punctuation mark, then, that mark may end up on the next line. So the French invented this half space that you see as ° when the Paragraph sign is on, eg Bonjour°!, instead of Bonjour !

Any other suggestions welcome.


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