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Since an update a few months ago, curser jumps to next field when I'm typing



Do you have the curser jump to another field (seemingly) randomly?

This never used to happen, so it's something Evernote has changed within the last six months. I believe it's something Evernote just hasn't thought about from a user perspective. 

When I click on a field (for instance the search notes field) and start typing, if Evernote is not 100% done loading the page, while I'm typing, the curser jumps to the default field. This is annoying because it not only types over things in the default field, but just now it actually caused me to delete (write over) a document.  So that document would have been lost had it not for me having a paper copy I was able to scan in again. 

I don't want to hear that I can go to another place to get a copy of it that Evernote has saved, because this is something they need to fix.  I'm positive I can't be the only one who finds this counter productive, wastes my time, and is just annoying.

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