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Awesome Note Syncing

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I cannot sync all my notes with Evernote from my Awesome note app. This is my first sync, thus slightly more in size, thus they say I exceed for the month. So what should I do,?

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Hi.  I'm assuming it's Evernote that says you've exceeded your quota for the month.  As a Basic user your monthly uploads are limited to 60MB - see more information on that here.

I don't use "Awesome Notes" but as far as I'm aware it's not able to "sync" with Evernote in terms of updating an existing draft which already exists in both apps with a more finished version.  It seems very wasteful of upload allowance to try to backup your whole AN account regularly by copying it into Evernote.  Is there a specific reason for using two (what seem like) very similar apps?

You'll need to wait until your upload limit resets at the end of your current "monthliversary" to upload more to the server.  Meantime if you can export notes from AN as files which Evernote can import,  you could set up a Local (unsynced) Notebook on a desktop to house those notes until the limit has reset.  you could then move the notes into the synced notebook.

How to back up (export) and restore (import) notes and notebooks

What is a local notebook?

Evernote system limits

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