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What does Evernote for Gmail do that the web clipper does not?

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I was very excited to see this addon announced but have been very underwhelmed with its functionality on first impressions.

It is so slow and counter intuitive when it comes to labelling and selecting notebooks. Why is there no drop down menu like the web clipper that is fast and snappy to respond? I have to navigate to labels then navigate back then navigate to notebooks. It is so clunky. 

And it just seems to me like the be clipper does a better job of capturing the email overall anyway. The web clipper even adds a link that you can use to get back to your email whereas the addon does not.

Am I missing something here? 

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2 minutes ago, BasieBand said:

I agree.  The Windows product is cumbersome.

Me too.

--  MatS14  1425988930_ScreenShot2019-04-12at10_16_34AM.thumb.png.5f8a6584071f10588e50bd4e2684b3f1.png.5e21ce36151749887aab6cf32f2fb5ef.png

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Won’t activate for me with 2fa on, anyone else had luck with that?

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I've had no issues with it. I'm running Mac OS so that might be the difference.  I love being able to save certain mails to Evernote this way.

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