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Is there any possibility of Evernote adding a "Note History" menu?  I'm not referring to the changes or versions of an individual note.  I know that already exist for Premium users.  I'm referring to a Note History menu that shows a list of the notes I have opened in a session, day, etc. - something similar to the History Menu in an Internet Browser.  I think this would be useful to users by speeding up the navigation process. Just clicking that menu and navigating down the list to a previous Note would be quick and easy.  I have several Notebooks and hundreds of Notes and spend too much time looking for them when I'm working on a vast array of subjects.  I know Tabs have helped with navigation, but a simple History menu would be even more useful in my opinion.  Your thoughts?

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Windows client: ensure that the Note History buttons (Left+right arrows: < >) are installed on your toolbar. Move the mouse button to the left arrow, press the left mouse button down and hold. Note history list, just like in the browser (Chrome anyways).

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