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(Archived) Newbie - Text in image won't search

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Using latest verson of Evernote for Windows and get get it to see text in images, so I am a little sceptical. And there seems to be a lack of decent help or User Guide to explain things.

If I take an image that, say, has "Speed Limit 50" in it and paste it into a note and sync it is not searchable. I use Snagit to grab screen shots. I USed Evernote to put in a full web page and I could not search text either.

What gives? If I have to work much more to understand it then it's not worth it.


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Like any good tool, you typically need to spend some time learning how it works.

The way the image searching works is you have to sync it up to the EN servers, wait a while. I don't know, an hour, maybe two. This gives the EN servers time to index the image. Then it should be searchable on the web client. In order to make it searchable on your desktop, you must sync back down.

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And I don't know the difference or more precisely how to see what are online and what are offline notebooks.

Offline notebooks refer to local storage on devices like the iPhone, iPad.

There are also local notebooks & sync'd notebooks for the Mac & Windows desktop clients. The search function will help you find existing info on these topics.

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No, I understand learning curve, I am a Systems Engineer and way familiar with software. It's just some programs are more intuitive than others. And if a program is not

intuitive then there should be stellar help/user guides. Just don't tell me what it can do. I did not know about the wait time, synching back and forth.

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