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Cutting from code block removes <br>!

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I'm a web developer and I'd love to store some snippets as code blocks but when I go to cut and paste from the Evernote code block to anywhere, even back into the Evernote code block, it strips out the <br> tags and inserts new line spaces! This is extremely frustrating and basically means the code snippet feature is unusable to me. 


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I recently started to notice this as well.  Each time I save a HTML code snippet in a code block and that HTML snippet contains a <br> tag it will get removed so the code snipped looks odd from what I had intended to paste in it.

After some testing and trying this and trying that I found that I could replace the <br> tag in the Evernote code block with a <br /> and this tag will not be removed in the Evernote code block.  Additionally I can use the <br /> tag in my work and there doesn't seem to be any negative effects, at least so far.  

I am far from being an accomplished HTML coder so a question for all of you seasoned HTML experts out there.  Is there a down side to using an HTML <br /> tag?  I mostly use the <br /> tag for CR/LF in paragraph block and in HTML email....

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