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Dong Su

Scanned business cards, easy to scan but where do they go?

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Hi there, 

My first post in here. I have been a premium Evernote user for many years but I have to ask a stupid question, maybe just me. Over the time I have scanned tons of business cards using Evernote smartphone app, and it is saved both as an image and as text, and threw away the cards. I have never tried to retrieve what I have scanned until recently, and to my surprise, I just couldn't find most of them on Evernote. Not in the tag of Scannables, where I think they should be. Not anywhere at all. I am scratching all my head. Please help. 


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In the Android app (if that is what you are  using), in the Settings, under Camera look for a setting for Business cards. There you can choose a default notebook for saving them. Check and see if you have one selected there.

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