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Evernote and Gmail saving attachments

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5 hours ago, Brinkburn1 said:

I'm using the Evernote and Gmail add-on on my Apple Mac desktop. It works fine but it does not appear to save attachments which are attached to the email that I want to save. Any thoughts?

Not a Mac, but I just tested on Windows and the attachment in the email was included in the note created in EN.  Don't have my Mac out at the moment, will try later.  FWIW.

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I have just discovered another problem! I've tried to use the Evernote and Gmail add on. I open an email press the Evernote button in the sidebar and am told the email has no content. This is clearly inaccurate as the email has content and two attachments. The email above and below are both transferred to Evernote without a problem.

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Hi, I am having the same problem. Has there been an outcome? 

Problem: I have added the Evernote Add-on to my Gmail ( access my Gmail via Chrome on my Mac book) and when I save the email to Evernote it does not include the attachment. The other functions work eg saves to the notebook I choose and includes the tags I add.   Please note: This is for Evernote for Mac users and I have been a long term user of Evernote so I am pretty good at troubleshooting and can't work this one out! I have been forwarding emails for years to my Evernote email address and this has always included the attachments.

I would really appreciate your assistance, anyone

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