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(Archived) Keeping a list/table of about 15-20 clients



I currently use Excel for this, but would like to take this function into Evernote, as I now use it for tracking progress on individual projects.

I need to keep a table/list that has client name, a "ranking" of the priority of that job, as well as most recent item completed/pending for that client.

The table function within Evernote leaves something to be desired. So, right now, I type in all my client notes into Evernote, but then have to switch to Excel to update the job priority rating, latest task etc. I need that functionality, because I then sort the data on the rankings column, to keep the highest priority on top.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much


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Why not just use your original Excel file & dump it into Evernote? That's what I do. Double click the icon in the note & Excel is invoked. Make edits to the xls file, save & close. The Excel file is available anywhere you can access Evernote & can be opened on any computer that can open Excel files.

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Really? And then changes are carried back to the Excel spreadsheet? Oh wait (....thinking this through....), the excel spreadsheet would then reside within Evernote? I guess it would have to, in order to access from any computer....


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Yes, a copy of the spreadsheet resides in Excel. BUT...EN does not sync those changes to the original copy of the spreadsheet on your hard drive. So you have two copies of the spreadsheet (unless you delete the one on your hard drive.) But you can always pull the one out from EN by opening (in the method I described above) & doing a "save as" back onto your hard drive. Hope that makes sense.

BTW, you can do this with Word files, Project files, etc. (As long as you're a premium member - free accounts don't allow all file types.)

Oh, and each note can only be 25 mb (free account) or 50 mb (premium.) So if the file is larger than that, this would not work.

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