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.dll file showing as threat on security software [Solved]

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Thank you very much! ☺️


I ran into this problem when I downloaded the updated version of Evernote, I have never had this issue when downloading or updating Evernote previously and I'm pretty concerned.

I'm using 360 Total Security, every time I try to download the newest version of Evernote (or scan my laptop after downloading it) on Windows I get a pop-up saying that some of the .dll files are a threat. When installing, it previously presented about 3 files as threats but has subsequently stopped doing that after cancelling my second attempt and re-trying a third time. It was only on the third attempt, after cancelling, that I didn't get pop-ups asking me if I want to block the files.

I can't tell you what the files that came up as threats were when installing the software as I don't remember but, after completing a security scan it tells me that the D3DCompiler_47.dll file is a threat because its 'behaviour approximates that of Trojans'.

Is there a reason it is coming up as a threat? Is it still safe for me to continue using Evernote offline?

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Hi. I don't recall seeing anything about Evernote files being flagged (correctly or otherwise) as a threat,  and I'm running virus and malware scans regularly on my own system without any alarms going off for me.  Where did you download from?  The Windows Store,  or Evernote.com?

It's always possible that you've picked up an infection from somewhere - I'd recommend running a full system scan with as many options turned on as you can for the most up to date,  closest possible examination.  If you get a hit from Evernote files again,  go with whatever quarantine or deletion advice you get - unless it's from the database file!

Download the app again from Evernote.com,  and if it sets off the alarm again,  raise it with 360's support team - it may be a false positive,  but they'd have to talk to Evernote direct to confirm.

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Thank you for your reply! I know for sure I hadn't picked up a virus from elsewhere as I had just freshly restored my computer to factory settings when I re-downloaded Evernote. As you said it's likely a false positive as dconnet has just confirmed that it is safe below. Thank you for your advice, it will come in handy in the future should something like this ever happen again. ☺️Although I certainly hope it won't haha.



Oh, I see! I did indeed get it from you. Good to know it's nothing to be worried about. Thank you very much! 😃

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