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(Archived) Due date note easy re-sorting idea.

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Once the due date field is added, I think that a very useful feature would be to change the due date based on the re-ordering of the note list.

That is, if the note list is sorted by Due date, if you drag a note to another location it would assume a due date in the middle of the two notes around it. This would allow very easy organization of notes into an order of due date.

I think it would be nice also, because it would allow ordering without worrying too much about the exact dates, since that may not be important to everyone. Also would be much easier than interacting with the calendar/time entry boxes, of course those would be available if the task does have a rigid due date.

Dragging to the end might add 1 week or something (room to allow other tasks to be added in between)

Obviously dependant of the due date field. http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?uid=22906&f=30&t=16130&start=0

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If you read Dave Engberg's post in the thread you linked, you'll see that Evernote is not striving to be a task manager/to do list. There are already a lot of these out there & there's probably one that would work for you. I use Toodledo. Others here use Remember The Milk.

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I did read that, and I do understand that others have Task lists, but I don't know of any with Evernote's richness of content. Images, pdfs and tables give so much more information related to a task. I am not sure how much they support full text searching.

This allows my task to be my working area, but instead of a separate application that tell me the timeliness with a name that matches my evernote content, it would be very useful to have the time content in evernote.

Thanks for the response, and I do understand it may not be a core focus for evernote, but it could provide many with a framework for other ideas.

For instance I have a list of movies that I own. I would love to have the "due date" be the release date so I could sort based on age of the movie. I could of course create tags for the decades or something, but a smooth scale would be nice.

That is one reason I like the drag to rearrange idea, could be useful far outside the "due Date" task manager style usage.

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I'm not sure that dragging a note in the note list list in order to change its due date to some bounded but otherwise indeterminate value -- but only when the list is sorted by due date -- is a great UI choice. Hard to discover, easy to misuse, and inconsistent with any similar operations on other fields, and maybe handy only to a small segment of users is how I view it.


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Jefito, I can see your point on the UI, mostly an attempt to reduce the coding load. Something easier to implement, but perhaps not the most elegant.

Perhaps better would be a timeline view of the tasks,instead of simply a sorting choice, then dragging could even show a overlay with the resultant due date as you slide along. Zoom in and out would allow small changes to large, and the ability to see tasks close together.

Once tasks are arranged, user could still sort by due date on the Note List and see the tasks ordered as they desired.

Another possibility would be to have a Sort by user order. Then the index associated with each would be hidden so it wouldn't be confusing. Obviously doesn't help with dates, but would still be very useful.


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