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"Failed to create tag. Please try again."

Mike Lewis


Recently added the Evernote plugin for Gmail. 

Saved an email within Gmail to Evernote but before saving added a tag called "planning". 

When I open the Note in Evernote, the tag is not there. There are no tags listed.

When I open the Tags context menu to the right, there are no tags listed (I had not created tags previously).

Interestingly, when I attempt to create a tag called "planning" I get the error Failed to create tag. Please try again.

When I attempt to create a tag called "planning1", it successfully does. 

Any ideas? Think this is a bug. 


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I think this is a Windows bug and not the Gmail add on. We reproduced the issue on our end here and noticed that the tag appeared in Evernote Web and Mac. Next time this happens, try going to Evernote Windows and selecting File > Exit. After that login again and the tag should appear in the note. 

Thanks for reporting. I'll file a bug with engineering!

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