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Cannot delete notebook

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I am unable to delete a notebook. It is not the default notebook; I have emptied the trash; i have updated the evernote app; it is synced and i have restarted my laptop. Any ideas how to solve this?




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Which device/platform are you using?

Please post a screenshot of your deletion attempt.
This is my delete process on my Mac, right clicking the notebook on the notebook page88025355_ScreenShot2019-04-18at08_54_12.png.39122f24837bb87d90bfd65434aea587.png

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So yes i have more than one notebook. I have 5. I right click and select remove and then a warning window pops up to say are you sure you want to delete this notebook etc.and i click yes and nothing happens.  

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5 minutes ago, Rachsh said:

Its odd because when i right click the delete option isnt there. just remove

The Remove Notebook option applies to notebooks shared with you.

Please post a screenshot.

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There is an option in the top-of-screen EN menu as well to delete a notebook. If the notebook is selected, and this is grayed out, it means that for some reason deleting it not allowed. I think this is more helpful than trying to delete and noticing by chance that it will not happen.

As long as deleting is grayed out, something is amiss.

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I also cannot delete two notebooks that were shared with me.

I have tried all of the above suggestions.

I have emptied all the notes out of the notebook.

When I right click and click 'Remove Notebook'. The dialogue box appears as shown in the attached screenshot, I click Delete and nothing happens

Im Running on a MacBook Pro


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