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(Archived) All notes gone

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I signed in to Evernote this morning, and all my notes are gone (free account). The last time I signed in was probably 2 weeks ago and everything was fine. It's not an incompatible client (web, Chrome browser) since I can see the note in the KB (and it's worked just fine previously) and all the notes are also missing in my Android client.

Any thoughts? There doesn't seem to be a way to contact Evernote technical support directly.



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The first of our 37 servers was having trouble talking to the "notes" database. This means you could log in to the web, but you wouldn't see any content on the web. We restarted the relevant database, so all data is now available again.

We are investigating the original cause of the database hangup (and why our monitoring systems didn't page us when the problem started).

We'll also investigate how to make the web interface more transparent about the problem instead of just displaying a (scary) empty page.


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Thanks to both of you. I noticed they were all back this morning. Thanks for being upfront about the cause of the problem. Working for a large-scale site myself, I can sympathize :)

I'm surprised there isn't a link to the status page on the support page. Adding a link to the status page in the UI somewhere would be a good start.

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To Technical support:

How do I get premium support? I just changed my account to premium status and I really need some technical assistance. I browsed the knowledge base for help and the technical support link on your site Does NOT work. I tried to leave a message on your voicemail number "mailbox is full. goodbye" is the response I received.

I'm having difficulties getting the Windows Desktop version to recognize my username and password. The web, iphone and Mac OS version seem to work But, when I try to start up the Windows desktop version it states my username and password are invalid. I'm also having difficulties occasionally with Scan Drop and my HP all-in-one printer/scanner Photosmart C6180 getting documents into Evernote consistently. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as I love what this product can do when its working properly!

Thanks in advance for your timely response to this technical support request. Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Roy Protasewich roypro@gmail.com

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You can open a support inquiry at the bottom of:


The form includes blanks for your username and email address, which we use to determine whether you are Premium.

There may be information about the problem on Windows in the Activity Log (under the "Help" menu). If you open a support inquiry, we can look through the messages in that log.

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