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Evernote wants to add Attachments to Notes by only dragging them over

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For a couple of days or weeks I noticed the following behavior: I have Evernote in the background, but parts of the Evernote window with the note area are visible. I drag a big files (e.g. .MP4 video or .wav) from the Windows File Explorer to another application to drop it there. But as soon as I move the mouse with the image over the Evernote note, Evernote gives me a warning that I cannot add the file to Evernote as it is generally too big or I have no upload quota left.

It seems like this does not happen with other smaller files. Like .jpg images.

When I did some testing suddenly the content of the note disappears. Even if I click on another note the note area stays empty. A restart helps. Had to do that a couple of times.


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Hi.  It is possible to drag and drop attachments into an Evernote note.  As a Basic user,  you have a 25MB note size limit.  If you accidentally drop a 25MB+ file on a note,  you'll get a warning (which is good) because that note won't sync.  Was there a problem in here somewhere?

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