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top 3 things we want from evernote



hi all,

having read Ian's blog post and having seen his video for the community I understand his focus on fixing things first and focusing on new features second. also Ian suggested to give a stronger voice to us, the enthusiastic user base. so I figured why not come up with a list of features we need the most. if enough of us participate, this could be an interesting read for Ian an the entire evernote team so here are mine (in ranking of importance to me):

1. end to end encrypted notebooks

maybe it is my European data protection paranoia, but I do not want e.g. my health records to go anywhere unencrypted. or diary entries. or important legal documents. you get the point. currently I am helping myself with local notebooks, that only reside on my computer, but that obviously defeats the point of multi device synchronization. currently about a quarter of my notebooks is local. I would sync them at once if I could only encrypt them safely. where to look for inspiration: joplin, the open source evernote substitute attempt.

2. better data representation

evernote with its myriad of ways to input data and its extremely flexible ways to organize this data with notebooks and tags (yes, both!..;-)..) for me is a dream come true as the basis of literally all my digital processes. it has however not aged well in how all this data can be represented. why don't we have kanban boards? why no graphical representation  of the data? playing around with tools from the competition or even just add ons is providing plenty of new insights. would love them internally to evernote as well. where to look for inspiration: trello, droptask, bubble brower & notion.

3. recurring reminders

my GTD implementation on top of evernote needs to integrate well with my calendar. while I am helping myself with the chronofy service I would much rather have a direct calendar integration out of evernote. most importantly however I am missing recurring reminders for tasks that come up weekly, monthly or yearly. shouldn't take much, but would certainly improve my processes quite a bit.

so much about my top three. would be curious what yours are.



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5 hours ago, toao said:

so I figured why not come up with a list of features we need the most. 

This forum allows us to vote on requests, so individual request discussions work better.  
Voting buttons are at the top left corner of the discussion.IMG_2921.thumb.jpeg.48fd11ce61b99beb35054dea41c896f6.jpeg

We can see the top requests in the list










>>I would sync them at once if I could only encrypt them safely.

I'm also concerned about encryption.

I encrypt my sensitive data.

Evernote has a text encryption feature, and I use the native encryption of file attachments


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Hi DTLow,

thanks for your comments and your feedback - am aware of the procedure, yet my impression is that we still have multiple open threads on the same subject despite the september consolidation attempt be EN (eg encryption / pw protection) and some very old threads. I thought the top three thing might re-ignite discussion a little, but it does not seem to catch on, so never mind..:-)



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