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I just tested (under Windows 7--don't know if it will work in Win10!) using a shortcut I had created in the usual Windows way of right-clicking in the desktop (obviously it could be any folder), selecting New > Shortcut, pasting in an Evernote note link, and finishing the dialog. Then I dragged the desktop shortcut onto the Start button, and was able to pin it to the Start menu. The Evernote link itself was of the evernote:///view/... type created by holding Ctrl while clicking Note > Copy Internal Link.

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On 4/12/2019 at 5:19 PM, 226407_1450305075 said:

hi,  thanx for the suggestion, dtlow.  i do already know about shortcuts, but was wondering, instead, specifically, about pinning to the start menu and/ or the taskbar.   

  • Select the note you want
  • Press the CTRL key and hold it, then select Note, Copy Internal Link. This will force EN to copy an evernote:// style URL.
  • Go where you want the shortcut to be and right-click in Windows, New Shortcut.
  • Paste the Evernote URL, name the shortcut.


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