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When I try to save photo to evernote from website or copy whole website to create new note it finishes the process but later I can only see those images on android app and not on PC app

In in place of photo I have a blank rectangle with


Any idea why is this like that and how to fix it? It is quite annoying

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Hi.  What format are the pictures?  Evernote can display JPG and PNG files,  but some of the other formats - for formulae for instance - just don't work.  If you don't know the format,  can we have a URL to test?  If you do know the format,  and it isn't supported,  there are (usually) other ways around the issue.  You could screenshot the image and paste your version into the note forinstance...  or screen shot the whole page to see pictures.

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1 hour ago, Honko said:

View as attachment field is grayed out.

What is weird that I can see those pictures on android evernote app on my phone it is just PC not working.

Example URL


In the Evernote for Windows check to see if "Allow images displayed as attachments" is checked in Tools --> Options --> Note --> Note view options. When that option is checked, "View as Attachment" in the right-click menu will become available.

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Hello, this is a user forum, so help is based on any of us having time to look after things. It is not driven by EN staff ...

If the pics show on your mobile devices, the „master“ database in the cloud is intact.

Maybe there is an issue on your local windows database.

If you press and hold the option key before going to the help menu, more options than usual will show. Many  are related to database issues. You may try if using one of these options will make the pics reappear.

Caution 1: This puts the local database at small but existing risc. Be sure to force a sync before you start. If you have notebooks stored only locally, these can be damaged or lost. All notes on the web server (which is all not-local notebooks) are save there, and can be rebuild from the web if necessary.

Caution 2: The reindexing, rebuilding etc. takes time. Depending on the size of your EN database, the PC you run etc. it can take several minutes (in my case, i7 with SSD) to do the job. Wait until it finishes, and never start 2 jobs at the same time. Look up the findings (like feedback boxes, notes with lost / broken links etc.) before proceeding. The further down you go the list, the deeper it goes into the database, and the more damage can result.

If not sure, open a support ticket.

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