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Sort tags by frequency rather than alphabetically


I have many tags, when saving a note on my phone and selecting a tag I get a list of my tags listed alphabetically. It is impractical to scroll through the list so I always type to aid selection. If the list was ordered by frequency used then this would be far more efficacious 

Of course the desktop functionality of predictive tag selection would also be an excellent feature on Android

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8 hours ago, DryBoy said:

It is impractical to scroll through the list so I always type to aid selection.

Hi.  It's possible to 'nest' tags,  so <expenses> could be split down into <food>, <fuel> and <accommodation>;  or I tend to add a number to my GTD tags,  so typing '0' will get me a list of 01_Now / 02_Soon / 03_sometime etc...,  or I might assign another number - like 155_Recipes and keep a look-up list in a note so I can assign that tag just by typing "155",  but NEVER - AFAIK - have I ever tagged several notes with one tag and continued using that tag for subsequent notes. 

This seems like a niche request to suit a particular use case which I wouldn't have thought likely to be attractive to many users - but that's the  purpose of the voting system.  Let's see how many votes this option gets!...  (I have been very wrong before)

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