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(Archived) Clipper only pasting into *new* note

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When I go to the clipper and grab something from a web page, pdf, document, etc... the clipper puts the image in a *new* note instead of the one that I was working in. When I try to copy from the new note to the existing one, I don't get the same image...I seem to get what I last put on the clipboard for the existing image.

It's as if each note has its own clipboard. I'd rather not create a new note for each image I want to grab.

Is this a bug or a feature?



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Each clipping gets pasted as a new note. So, "feature". But, you can merge notes, if you like.

And there should be no problem copying from one note to another. Select all the contents of a note (use Ctrl+A), copy, then navigate to the bottom of your chosen note and paste. I do this often.

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