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I have many problems with evernote plz help

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First plz do not talk about complicated stuff and plz keep in simple super simple English.

First my question is about Evernote:

I have two evernote accounts. When I go to Evernote Web one account has "Send to" button (image 2). And The second account does not have(image 1). I know you are gonna say the second account is new account have to wait for few days for the "work chat"(which is similar to "send to" button) to appear. But my problem is on the second account, even though there is no "send to" button, I can see "work chat" button one the left side. So I have "work chat" but why I don't have "send to" button?

And If I wait for 3 days, the "send to" button really will appear??? I am not sure, what if it doesn't appear, what should I do afterwards?

Second question is about Yinxiang.com (the Chinese Evernote). I think and have tried and found out that  Yinxian.com use different account than Evernote account. This means that you can not log into Yinxiang.com with your Evernote account. So I created a Yinxiang.com account. Then I went to http://www.chapaofan.com/30678.html៎ (a website to download movie) to test something out. I click the send to Yinxiang note icon (image 3) and it takes me to image 4. And I then entered my Yinxiang.com account email and password but It keeps saying "wrong password" but it is in fact right password, because if I go directly to YinXiang.com and I can use the email and password to log in. So why I could not log in in image 4???????? whats wrong?? and you might say I need to verify my email account. But I can't find the "Verify Email" button in the settings. So why evernote team or Yinxiang team doesn't make a "Verify Email" button in the settings? are they just stupid? and I know you are probably gonna say use https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/119413-problems-logging-into-the-evernote-discussion-forums-and-evernote-help-learning/ this method to verify your email. But in Yinxiang.com there isn't even an "Share" button (image5).

I know Evernote and Yinxiang are probably owned and managed by two different company ,but pLz don't tell me to ask yinxiang company because I don't know how to ask them and many Chinese forum about talking about yinxiang needs Chinese phone number to register an forum account to ask a question  in the forum.


To sum up

1. what do I do if no "send to" button appear after 3 days? how do I make it appear?

2. Why in image 4 it says wrong password, but I can log in if I directly go to Yinxiang.com??

3. Why Yinxiang.com web doesn't even have a share button?

4. Why both Evernote and Yinxiang.com there are no "Verify email" button in the settings?


In this forum

it says the attachment quota for uploading image should be removed, but why my account still has this bar saying I already used 4% of my quota..... feels so bad. so I guess I have to create other account to ask question in this forum if I run out of quota??









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