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Freezes when opening on iPad Pro

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When I open EN on my iPad Pro it opens the last page accessed but ‘frozen’ — I can’t close it or do anything. Tried reinstalling and rebooting. It still works on my other iOS devices but this will cause me to move to something else if it can’t be resolved.  

Any ideas?

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What year is your iPad Pro,

How much storage can your iPad Pro carry,

How much storage are you using,

How much storage does Evernote use on your iPad Pro,

And how many apps are open when you open the EN on your iPad Pro? 

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One further question: Is something in the search text field ?

Some weeks ago, I had freezing on my „pro“ when I did not empty this field before closing the app. When reopening, the text was still there, initiating a search. This slowed down everything.

When I uninstalled and upgraded to the lastest release, the problem was solved.

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My experience is this: When there is a string in the search field, it will be kept when the app closes. This means even when you switch to another app, leaving EN open, and back to EN. Once EN is the active app again, the search activates immediately. 

BOOM: The app freezes because it is busy restarting while executing the search.

So it is better to clear any search before leaving the app. I think this is less the „fault“ of EN but a consequence of iOS not being a fully multitasking-OS. This means apps are sort of parked away when you switch to another, and brought to life again when pulled back to be active. Because an iPad is short of RAM (only 2-4 GB, depending on the type an memory size) it moves data between RAM and Flash Memory. Into this the search is activating, freezing the app while it tries to sort the differing tasks out (reopen vs. searching).

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I have the same issue, but the freezing with a search query is NEW, meaning, I frequently have left the search query box filled-in, and returned to the app without it freezing. That’s my workflow. But the freezing bit has started in the last month or so. I have uninstalled, restarted the device and reinstalled, but the problem returns. 

Why should I have to modify my workflow when EN could fix the bug instead?

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Hello fellow 'freeze' sufferers.  I'm STILL having this issue.  I agree with Callmekarri in that I don't feel WE should have to change our workflow habits to 'please' EN engineers.  Especially as I've been using this for years with no problem about leaving search field populated with last search.  Even when I remember to clear the box, I still find that the app is 'frozen' on my return to it.  I have to them delete the app and reinstall--BIG issue that is causing me to reluctantly look elsewhere for a notes app.

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The number of notes seems to be not relevant. Anyhow, the iOS (and the Android) app does not load the notes to the device. It only loads previews, and will load the note fresh from the server when you try to open one. When closed, it will write it back to the server, and open the next one picked (always one at a time). It does not change when the notes are loaded for offline use.

My iOS app freezes when there is something in the search field AND when I switch apps leaving EN open in the background. Under this conditions, it is frozen when I reopen it. You can not even delete the search string that IMHO causes the freezing.

When I quit the app, and reopen it, it will react as normal.

For me this is a nuisance, sort of restart huddle caused by the search text. I have a support ticket open on this. They came back with a mountain of questions I had no time up to now to answer.

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Hello everyone. I’m the one who started this thread and I’m please to report that my iPad is no longer freezing as of one day ago.

(I'm always on a pretty fat internet connection and have updated EN at every opportunity.)

It seems that the EN coders have solved this glitch (kudos to them!)

Let’s hope some future update doesn’t bring it back.


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I posted too soon. Freezing on relaunch of EN on iPad again!

I have again deleted app, restarted iPad, reinstalled app but same problem if search term left in search field (sorry, it’s just my workflow and I’m not going to change because of this sudden bug that wasn’t in EN before.

I’m on a good internet connection so that’s not the problem.

700+ notes. Longtime user.

And I see from App Store that the latest version is 3 weeks old.  VERY disappointed.

what other productivity tool are EN users looking to migrate to?



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1 hour ago, Dommy said:

I have again deleted app, restarted iPad, reinstalled app but same problem if search term left in search field (sorry, it’s just my workflow and I’m not going to change because of this sudden bug that wasn’t in EN before.

Don't know on this one.  How many off line notes?

I have over 34,000 notes that sync, of which only 10 or so are in off line notebooks, so mostly download when I need a note.  No speed issues at all since a couple of releases ago.  Only annoyance is when I return to the app sometimes I don't go back to the note that was open when I switched from EN.

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On 5/27/2019 at 8:37 AM, Stijn_vde said:

I'm experiencing exactly the same issue. Search term of a previous search is still there,  and application just freezes.

This makes the app unusable.

Yeah, it really does, to have to remember to clear out a search field... I get if it was to make loading the app a tad slower, that make sense... but it doesn’t, it just completely freezes the app and makes it unusable. 

This issue definitely isn’t fixed. I just opened up my brand new iPad Pro 11” 256GB yesterday and installed my EN Premium, and I’ve been having this issue ALL day and night... what a shame. I hope it truly does get fixed. 

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I have several iOS devices but a problem with Evernote on the iPad Pro 2018 10.5 (iOS v 12.3.1) as many have described above.  If I do not clear the search bar prior to closing Evernote, it freezes the next time I use it.  I have to reboot to clear the search which requires me to re-pair my bluetooth devices (including my pencil) and re-sign into my VPN, etc.  

This is a SOFTWARE ERROR not a "feature".  It is impacting my productivity.  I have removed the app and re-installed installed it many times.  I sync my devices constantly.  The only fix for the IPAD Pro is to reboot and it is not really a "fix".   As a long time Evernote user with several premiere accounts, I am  going to be forced to move to an alternative if  this is not remedied soon.


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Never had really a need to reboot my iPad Pro (10.5, 512GB, LTE, 12.3.1, app version 8.20).

When I had the text-search-freezing with the prior version of the app, I pressed the home button twice to go to the „all open apps“ view and closed the Evernote app from there. This cleaned the search text field, and made the app operational again.

Since 8.20 this problem was solved on my iPad, as on the iPads of others that were in a similar thread with me. EN support confirmed to me that there was a change done with 8.20 that should eliminate the text-search-freezing.

What I have had over the last weeks, but not permanently, was the app being not responsive after reopening. This means it was not frozen, it just did not react - and it was always the iOS data sync wheel spinning next to the mobile- and WiFi symbol at the top right of the iPad screen. When syncing stopped, the app came back to life by itself.

I have related this to the fact that I have switched more and more notebooks to „offline“, which means they are downloaded from the servers to the iPad. This was some heavy lifting for the app and the data transfer, so it brought other operations to s standstill. Since yesterday, the sync is through, up to now I had no further problems.

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In unpredictable situations Evernote freezes on my iPad Pro. This began a couple of months ago and now I feel I must carry my laptop when presenting a topic. This makes my presentation look less efficient. I also carry a set of notes on paper - doesn't this minimize or completely obliterate the beauty of Evernote?  I have a paid version out of  respect for intellect behind a product I have used for several years. I need this matter rectified or I will switch to another notes application. 

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On my iPad Pro I have had some problems before ver 8.20 got released. This solved the „text in search field“ freeze.

Now I am on 8.21, everything still o.k.

Maybe you should really uninstall the app, then make a complete restart of your iPad (don’t know how to on a pro without a home button, so maybe look up how to do it if you don’t know it either) to really clean out memory, and then do a reinstall of the EN app.

It may need some Sync time afterwards until it has everything rearranged (depending on how much offline stuff you have), but then it should work.

Regarding presentations: One way could be to download things into an offline notebook, and make the presentation in flight mode. This means you get your slides from the local memory, and there will be no messages popping up while you are making your point.

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