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Large Cursor bug

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Hi, when I am typing something, lets say in size 36, The Cursor size stays the same, Even HERE Until I press Enter.

Attached is photos




Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 9.28.12 AM.png

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Confusing Pictures
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1 hour ago, MatS14 said:

The first pic that says "see the big cursor???" is from Evernote.

No, it's from the forum editor, not from an Evernote application.

2 hours ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

This refers to typing posts in this forum, not in Evernote, correct? FWIW, it's not happening to me. Maybe browser dependent?

Yep, well spotted. I don't see this problem in Chrome on Windows, for what that's worth.

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2 hours ago, MatS14 said:

Evernote Web Pic:

The Evernote web toolbar that you show in your own screen shot does not match the screen shot in the original post. It does match the forum editor.

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28 minutes ago, MatS14 said:

What do you mean?


Your original screenshot of the problem:


You then posted a screenshot of the editing toolbar for Evernote for the web:


They are not the same editing toolbars. The first screen is actually from the Evernote forum software here, and has nothing at all to do with the Evernote web application. I have no idea why you posted a screen cap from the web application. What was the point of that? You're just confusing things.


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Oh, your mixed up, I did send a pic of this.

This first one, THAT is of this forum:


Then This second one: 

THAT is for  Evernote Web:


Then, to be more clear, I sent a whole screenshot of Evernote with the cursor:



Sorry if I got you mixed up.

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