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(Archived) A bit of a predicament..

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Hi all,

I am a University student just about to start my last year. My aim is to go as paperless as possible for this year, as having loads and loads of paper really does my head in!!

Evernote seems to be the obvious choice to be the 'central' point of my paperless life, especially as I can access from my phone (android), desktop pc and netbook whenever I need to.

My predicament is how best to capture the information. During a normal lecture I receive paper handouts, and write notes as well. I would really like to be able to store these together in a notebook on evernote.

The first option I have been looking at is getting either a Doixe or an IRIScan anywhere portable scanner. This means I can carry the scanner to lectures and ingest all of the paper (both handouts and personal notes) and upload them to Evernote. I would also carry a Dictaphone to capture audio of some of the lectures to upload to evernote.

The second option is a Livescribe pen for capture of all my notes in real-time with the audio which would be very handy. I would then have a standard scanner to keep at home so I could scan in all remaining bits of paper from the lecture.

The problem I have with this option is that people seem to say that it is very difficult to get Livescribe data from the (apparently pretty *****) Livescribe software to Evernote. Does anyone have any experience of this and could tell me how difficult it is? (I'm aware that it would not be possible to keep the audio/text link - but if I could get both parts in that would be good). Also - does the Livescribe documents which you import become searchable within Evernote?

I have had a look around the forum but can't really see anyone talking about 'their favourite setup'. What do people use to capture their info?



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I have a Livescribe pen & love it. But I'm not a student & don't normally attend long meetings, so my usage is mostly short notes or when I take my mom to the doctor, stuff like that. Anyway, IME, I'd vote for Livescribe. I have a system worked out so I can pretty easily/quickly get the audio notes into Evernote (Windows client). (I don't mind sharing if anyone is interested.) If I want the handwritten notes in Evernote, I normally just do a screen cap from the Livescribe desktop. But for me, usually, if I have the audio, I normally don't need the handwritten notes.

Livescribe allows you to upload your notes to their server. If your Android phone can access it, I'd say simply keep your notes on their server b/c it includes the tap/listen functionality that is so nifty about Livescribe.

You can export/print the handwritten notes to PDFs that can be imported into Evernote. But Evernote's strength with handwritten notes is in an image format, not PDF. Here's more info on that subject:


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