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Time Stamp For Written Notes during Audio Recording



Time stamp for notes written while recording audio. This is a very helpful feature when writing notes just as the one in MS OneNote. It will be great if you add it.

That way I could know at which point during the audio recording I wrote the note and go back to listen to it again and edit the notes based on the audio recording. or if I want to listen to a specific section in my audio recording just by clicking on the note I wrote.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 12.44.43 PM.png

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Hi.  I'm afraid I killed your other two identical posts and moved this one from Windows to a general request since that seemed to be your intention.  They're all (mainly) user-supported Forums,  so one post is enough to make a point.  I agree this would be a nice addition to audio note taking,  but there are other apps out there which will do this sort of thing,  and from which files can be attached to an Evernote note.  It's also (IMHO) a bit of a niche request,  but lets see what votes it can attract as a possible new feature.

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