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Add medical or other dictionary to evernote!



Hi, I am a medical researcher and I have yet to find a way to add a medical dictionary to evernote. If at all possible, how do I do it and if not...is it something that will be added shortly?

(for both mac and windows versions)



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The Custom Dictionary file is a text file in C:\Users\username\Evernote\LocalStorage but it has a checksum, so it doesn't seem you can just add stuff to the text file via a text editor. Best you may be able to do is add all the words you use frequently to a single note, then right-click and add them.

There would conceivably be a ton if dictionaries to add beyond medical. Computer, Greek/Hebrew, proper names from history, biology, etc. 

I would think though if you added them as per above, you could keep that custom dictionary.txt file with you from PC to PC.

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