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using -tag:<tag> does not work with tags that have whitespace

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I have attached a screenshot that further explains the problem. I have am trying to find all notes in a notebook that ARE NOT tagged with "department meeting". However, having double quotation marks around the single tag "department meeting" does not work as shown in the screenshot. Any ideas?




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Hi.  Quotes should work,  or you could rename the tag to "department_meeting" and try again...  If you have a lot of notes that are not tagged that way,  it might take a while to display the results...

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Curious. This works for me in the latest beta ( (308380) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)). I tried this with my own sppace-containing tag, plus your -tag:"department meeting" tag. You're not using curved quotation marks (“…”), are you? That shows the same behavior you're seeing. I use: "

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@jefito right you are! I just tried this on a different computer with a different keyboard and it seems to be working now. I think the keyboard I was using at work was rendering the double quotation mark key (the one above the comma) as a curved double mark, whereas the keyboard at home is rendering it as a straight double quote mark. Would not have picked that up. Thanks very much for the solution!

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