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(Archived) Beta3 feel

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here is some of my first try remarks on this beta:

- The icon bar is HUGE. For us widescreen laptop users, we don't have a lot of space to see these icons( could be an option , or more efficient use of right click to put options and menu items)

When we use the note list ( absolute must for rapid note-time search or note name finding) we have a too little space for the note itself..

Personally, as with v2.2, i wouldn't mind if there were no icon bar at all ( only buttons in each note as in v2.2)

- I hope that the option to use web or not will determine if we have to login or not when we start the evernote application. For my use and that of my company, it must stay local all the time and transparent at booting of the computer, and ready to take notes as soon as bootup is finished.

- I see synchronize option, but no settings... i hope that the synchronize feature will be at least the same as v2.2 ( with improvement on the way to synchronize multiple computers with a central database/computer) as we use it at work with 3 worksations.. again it's a must that they stay synchronized without sending any data outside our local network ( no web ).

- Instead of a web login ( wich would imply that someday the username that you want WILL be used by someone else) For local users, like us, it would be a good thing to be authenticated by our first names and our password. ( this "username" could then be a signature of who wrote the note in a multi computer environment)

- Wouldn't it be a good thing the database was central ( like a mysql database) at least for the pro version, that could make a multi-computer environment really easy to implement in a local network. ( no more windows mapped drives)

- I liked using the word "categories" instead of "tags", maybe because "categories" is the same in french than in english, and makes it understandable for both language people even if we use the english version )

- It would be a good idea to select in option if we want to display attributes and search in the left bar. Each application is different, and as in our work environment we would like to keep it simple ( like v2.2) and if we want attribute, that we parameter it like v2.2 if we don'T want it, we delete it ... that way, for the inexperienced user nothing is complicated in the display, and for the power user, we right click, add our options etc.. while having the same pleasing simple display ( only our categories and notebooks).

- I know that it has been said earlier, but i sincerly HOPE that ALL of the features of v2.2 will come back :? .


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