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Blank Notes

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I use Evenote Web exclusively.

For the last few days now, i haven't been able to view any of my notes.

As the image below shows, i can see the 3 Evernote columns for the menu on the far left, notes index in the middle, and the 3rd column for the contents of an individual note. Except the contents of all my notes appear blank.

Obviously Evernote still has a record of the notes, just isn't showing me their contents.

I really appreciate being able to use Evernote - thank you Evernote team! - so i hope someone can help me resolve this.

2019-4-3 blank.jpg

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I wasn't even aware i was running the beta version.

When i first began using the web version, that was what i started with.

Anyway, i switched back and everything's there. So very helpful advice.

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