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Updated support for Boogie/Improv Elec Sync to Evernote

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The Boogie Sync shipped in 2015 with software that hasn't been updated of late. The Sync software included an Evernote button, BUT the setup never completes having popped up a window labeled "Virtual Desktop Companion | Evernote OAuth Login".  The login never pops up the window seeking to have userid and pwd for Evernote account as it did years ago.

Has anyone gotten past this recently on Windows 10 with Windows Defender? 

I enabled the VDC app in Windows Defender, no go.

Also disabled both Windows Defender and Avira Realtime protection for 15min, still nada.

Has anyone solved this or is Evernote integration no longer supported on the Boogie Sync ?  

Best, Mark

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Hi.  No clue how many folks here are Boogie users - have you tried https://myboogieboard.com/about/contact-us/ for advice / information?  Evernote has changed quite a bit in the recent past,  and if the BB software hasn't been updated,  they may no longer be talking.  If not,  it's not something that Evernote can help with...  although you could look at other ways to get your notes out of Boogie and into Evernote.  Will it share/ print/ export to HTML or PDF or even TXT?

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