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Web clipper Chrome extension disables keyboard letters when typing in online form fields

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I've been using Evernote for years on my Windows desktop and Android phone. Just this week I've noticed that when I am trying to fill in boxes (form fields) in a website on the desktop, about half of the letters on my keyboard do not respond. So when I'm typing the name "Joshua," for instance, it types "Johu." The S and the A keys do not respond. 

My first thought was to switch to another keyboard. The new keyboard did the same thing. I tried the same website on my Mac laptop (with no Web Clipper chrome extension enabled) and the keyboard worked fine. Cleared my cache and cookies on the desktop to no avail. Googled the issue and someone suggested to disable each Chrome extension one by one until I found the culprit. Sure enough, when I disabled the web clipper extension I no longer had the keyboard issue. I removed the web clipper extension and re-installed it, hoping that would fix it. Nope. I have had to remove the web clipper extension, which is the main reason I've used Evernote. Now that I can no longer use Evernote for storing web clips, I'll have to look for an alternative.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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