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Has anyone integrated PenPower Write2Go with Evernote?



Has anyone gotten the PenPower Write2Go to directly create an Evernote with a page from the Write2Go eink device? 

We are experimenting with a number of different mature eink tablets and mini-tablets and have narrowed our experimenting to:

  • old Sharp WGN10 Memo Pad (dated 2013)
  • Boogie Sync (dated 2015)
  • Boogie Blackboard (dated 2018)
  • PenPower Write2Go (dated 2018)

The old Sony tablet is the best built of all, but was almost $200 when purchased in 2013. It has wonderful contrast, easy to use, but is a pain to sync to anything.

An older release of software for the Boogie Sync apparently directly supported Evernote from Windows, but the release we have now, with a 2014 copyright date, doesn't directly export to Evernote. Oddly, the Boogie Blackboard app for Android, a 2018 released piece of software, DOES support Evernote directly by taking a photo of the screen and offering a quick touch "enhancement" that turns the green and black screen to a high contrast black on white image and then can share it into an Evernote.

The Write2Go has the smallest screen of all we are testing, but the most promising integration. It also downloads a large 440MB install image onto a PC (not tested on Macbook yet). There is integration with some packages, and this is the only software still getting fixes, the latest release is March 2019. However, we again must save images and cut-and-paste into an Evernote. 

We will post a more comprehensive review and link here; for now, our question remains:
 ? Is there a direct way to populate an Evernote from the PenPower Write2Go? 

Thank you for feedback, Mark @W4CHL

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