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Allow embedded videos in a note (or preview!)



Hi there,

I use EN a lot, and one of the most frustrating things that I struggle with every day is the possibility to embed videos in a note. I know, you can add a video as an attachment and play it with the external player, but it's not the same thing.

A very common use case is when you're comparing two videos next to each other. Currently, I have to convert the video into a gif and then and I can put them next to each other in a table, and it works perfectly. The problem is that gifs take much more space than videos AND I need to convert them manually every single time.

The other problem of videos is that if you have dozens in the same note, as it often happens when you work in video analysis, it is impossible to know which one to open without a thumbnail or a preview.

If implementing an embedded video player in EN is too complicated, would it be possible, at least, to show the video preview as a thumbnail?

Thank you

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I second this! It's incredibly frustrating not having any basic web player or even thumbnail. Wouldn't it be brilliant if we had an inbuilt converter function for media (maby a right click function ect) for things like video to gif or even .webp to .mp4 (since any web player implantation is bound to be stuck with mp4 only, codecs be damed)? 

I have to resort to a shared Google Photo album if I'm sending this as any kind of quick remote pitch, hover play for videos feels like luxury by comparison. If you need videos in notes for things like FAQ's you might like to take a look at Notion (Referral link / Normal Link).

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I agree this would really upgrade my Evernote experience too. I often keep my phone videos in Evernote and it's annoying to not be able to at least see the thumbnail. Embedded videos would be a huge luxury

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9 minutes ago, ketchup6 said:

it's annoying to not be able to at least see the thumbnail. 

Along with the video, I include a screenshot740328296_ScreenShot2019-07-07at17_11_42.png.12ea208d026f12f13096eb644224e8cb.png

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Quite an old thread here, but I agree. A basic web player for video attachment playback would be huge, especially in 2022. Any updates on this, or workarounds so far, with the new Evernote Web, perhaps with a browser extension, that would allow me to view my video attachments without download?

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First of all it's a pain in the ass but since Evernote supports YouTube videos I upload whatever I want to YouTube and then share it in Evernote it does the trick plus  I can't afford Evernote premium so this also saves space because I am only uploading a link 

Hope this helps

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