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Missing Shortcuts - Web only

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All my shortcuts are missing from the web version. They still exist on Android.


I just see the following for shortcuts in the web version even though I've got about 20 of them on Android.

"Add your first shortcut

Click the ... icon in the top right corner of a note or notebook to add it here."

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Which web version are you using?

The new beta version seems to have many issues; I downgraded to the "current" version.


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@edenuk, Do you not see your shortcuts if you go back to the current web version? Click on your Avatar and select Switch to older version of Evernote Web. After this click on the star to see your shortcuts. 

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I returned to the previous version and while the shortcuts now appear, clicking on any of them do not display any of the notes!

Also there is an issue with tags beginning with @.  When looking at a note that includes @fred that tag is displayed correctly as being one of the note's tags.  However, when selecting "tags" in the left menu or when searching for @fred or tag:@fred, I get no results.

Using (308380) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)


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