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I would like an internal link for PDFs, please.  Whilst I could put each PDF on a separate note and 'Copy Internal Link', I have a large number of research PDF documents that I catalogue in a Table of Contents (TOC) spreadsheet on a single note for the specified topic.  My rationale for this is that I put the relevant PDFs (Viewed as Attachment) on the same note under the TOC spreadsheet.

Currently I have to open an EN web browser and access the PDF to copy the EN URL for the PDF.  I then return to my TOC and add the URL as a hyperlink in the TOC.  

Acknowledged it would be easier just to put each PDF as a separate note, and 'Copy Internal Link' but then I'd need to tag every note with the specific topic rather than having all of the relevant PDFs under one note. (If you have catalogued 50 PDFs then the tag method will 50 notes to scroll through.)



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