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Getting 'Note failed to update' every minute or so of use

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When I'm typing along in my notes I get this message every minute or so and it may or may not lose the last couple keystrokes


I thought maybe EverNote was just having a bad day but it's been almost a week now. 

I'm using Chrome. No console errors/warnings.


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Hi.  Also reported in several other threads - are you using the new Web version?  Try reverting back to the older version in Settings.  Alternatively use a local word processor if you can and just attach the document file to a note.  Leaving a web page open while you type ongoing notes is a hazardous process...  there's even a browser add-in to help - 


Writing for the web can give you a surprise at any turn. Hours of effort can be lost in an instant. However, with data recovery software, you can make your computer temporarily recall everything that you have typed in web forms. Although 99% of the time you won't need it, this software can make tomorrow's pre-dinner writing time completely stress-free.


EDIT:  After a bit of research I couldn't find an up to date version of the Lazarus app that's featured here,  but there's a recently updated version of something called Typio Form Recovery which looks as useful... https://typiorecovery.github.io/

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I also am experiencing problems with using web client as of the last few days. Normally I've found any body of text is saved at a satisfactory interval (which negates the need for  @gazumped suggestion of installing third party software), and the idea of using a third party word processor to keep notes is farcical.

I'll try disabling any Chrome extensions I have, and will completely clear my cache & cookies (although this is really not a good solution...).



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Having completely cleared Chrome's cache/cookies etc, I found performance was better but it reverted to the same situation after a few edits. Creating a new notebook resulted in a long wait and wasn't effective ultimately.

Then I disabled all Chrome extensions and cleared the cache/cookies again. Same resutl.

I've since installed Vivaldi browser on my Ubuntu machine and that is working very well: no issues with saved changes or creation of new notebooks.

So I suspect this is a bug between Evernote's web app and Chrome.

BTW I'm using 84.0.4147.135 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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